Waterside - Theatre and Arts Centre

Technical Specifications

The following breakdown illustrates the technical specifications for The Waterside Theatre.
Proscenium Arch
Floor Area 13.9 metres by 10metres deep
Maple floor semi sprung (no screws or bolts in floor)
Crossover at rear, wings variable
Height to grid 12.4 metres
Height to top of pros 6 metres
Scenery flying no more than 5 metres
12x1kw Claire motorized flying bars (3 metres per min) S.W.L. 250KG per bar
4x12 way 16 Amp 1W Lighting bars (movable)
Various Masking legs and borders 8 of 2.65mtr masking legs, 3 of 12mtr X 2mtr black borders, 1 of 12 mtr x 3mtr border
Maroon FOH Tab Curtains (Hand Winch)



Zero 88 Solutions XL Lighting Desk with touch screen monitor
12X Source Four Junior Zoom Profiles 575W
6X Selecon 15 - 34 degree Profiles
24X Selecon 1K Fresnel
4X Selecon 1K Floods
12X LED Zoom Par
8X Elumen Kudos RGBW moving heads (Wash)
8X Isolution iMove Led Moving heads (Spot)
6X LED Colour Storm Quad Batten
1X Follow spot
125 X 2KW SLC (stage lighting circuits) rear of auditorium (as sound position)
All lighting bars are 12 way IWB 16 Amp on motorized bar S.W.L 250kg
All controlled by Lighting Console and dimmable House of Lights


Soundcraft Expression 24CH Digital Desk
D.A.S. Line Array system
4X D.A.S. Powered Monitors
6X Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphones
2X AKG Instrument Microphones
1X Trantec S4, 16 8way wireless Mic system w/8 belt packs and 8 Trantec HM 22 SJ head worn Mics
1X Trantec S5.3 4way wireless Mic system w/4 handheld vocal Mics
8X Klotz Passive D.I. Boxes
10X Mic Stands w/carry bags
1X MD Player
1X CD Player
Able to connect Laptop
Acoustic suitable for spoken work & loud/soft music


Stage Power Supply

72 S. Lighting Circuits from G-Way Soccapex Outlets

48 S. lighting Circuits set at 5 metres high

24 S. Lighting Circuits at floor level 6 DSR, 6DSL, 6USR, and 6USL 

All S.L.C. rated at 2kw 10 amps, all hard wired to Robert Juliat Tivoli Dimmers

2 x 16Amp Ceeform Sound Sockets USL + R

8 x 13Amp Sound Sockets located DSR +DSL

8 x13Amp General Purpose located DSR +DSL

12 x XLR Patch Panels each DSL +DSR

2 x DMX Outlets DSL + 5mtrs high

Also 63 Amp 3 phase +neutral for temp dimmer supply (15 metre extension needed)



1X Genie scissor lift
1X ELC Focus Hand Riggers remote
1X Robe Fazer 1050ft Haze Machine
1X Comms Set Inc. 4 Belt packs and 4 Headsets
1X Cyclorama
1X Cinema Screen DS