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Fabric and Facet Exhibition

Fabric and Facet Image

Comissioned Arts project for A Space2 (Artspace Multisensory Centre) by Boyle Design studio (Gail Mahon and Niall Boyle)

Launch Event 25th September 2019 at 2:00pm

A colourful and lively exhibition kinetic drawings and wall artworks created from new creative partnership project between Artspace Multi-Sensory and Creative Centre and artist Gail Mahon, kindly supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.  The work is celebrating new ventures for both Artspace, opening a new multisensory and adult training centre at Campsie, A Space2.  Gail, a ceramic artist who was commissioned by Waterside Theatre on this 10 year anniversary of  ‘Fastened Faces’ Buttons in 2009, is also launching a new arts and design partnership with Niall Boyle known as Boyle Blowe Design Studio.

You’re all welcome to come along to the opening and view the artworks produced during a series of summer workshops with the trainees at A Space 2 and hear the plans for the new multi-sensory facility opening soon. Follow the project on Instagram @boyle_blowe_ds