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Owen Colgan on the Dry Cancelled

Fri 6th March 2020

Owen Colgan on the Dry

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to cancel this event. We are, however, hoping to reschedule this event for later in the year.

Owen Colgan, Irish cult comedy hero is best known for his role as Buzz McDonnell from Hardy Bucks. Hardy Bucks has seen Owen star in 4 hit seasons aired on Ireland's national broadcaster RTE and the Hardy Bucks hit movie which media coined 'the Irish Hangover' and was produced by the mammoth Universal Studios.

Owen Colgan is a life coach from the west of Ireland who has seen it all. After 25 years addicted to pints and smoking, it seems he has finally knocked it all on the head. Now in a very loving and highly sexual relationship with his partner/manager Maureen, Owen intends to bring a bright and fresh approach to his upcoming tour - On The Dry. 

Show Cancelled