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Just Announced! El Clash Combo: London Calling 40th Anniversary Tour coming this September

Thu 23rd May 2019

El Clash Combo

El Clash Combo: London Calling 40th Anniversary Tour

Saturday 7th September 2019, 8pm   Tickets: £11 includes Development Fee (£1)


In an era where political protest is widespread, the “Revolution Rock” music of The Clash is as relevant

today as it was 40 years ago. Formed in 2005, El Clash Combo are a must see for any Clash fan, or any

music lover for that matter.


London Calling is regarded as the band’s artistic pinnacle. Rolling Stone named it the best album of the

'80s and ranked it at #8 on their list of The 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time. The show will include the

album in its entirety as well as other Clash hits, including Rock the Casbah, I Fought the Law and

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


“Should the world survive long enough for critics in 2480 to list the finest records of the

preceding 500 years, London Calling will be a strong contender for top honours” Billboard.com