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Covid-19 Update

Fri 16th October 2020

Following the Northern Ireland Assembly’s decision on 14th October to effectively put the country back into
lockdown, unfortunately, Waterside Theatre will be unable to present any theatre events, live or screened, until
further notice.
Like all other arts and cultural venues across the Province, Waterside Theatre has gone to great effort and
expense to make our venue safe for patrons to return. But unlike other sectors, the arts have not been permitted
to demonstrate how safely we can operate in these difficult times and bring much needed respite to the suffering
communities we serve.

Much has been highlighted of the financial support package the sector has been promised – this money was
made available by the UK Government in June, but as yet, not one penny of this has been allocated by the
Assembly to venues, organisations or artists.

However, despite all the obstacles and injustices we have faced, and no doubt will for some time to come,
Waterside Theatre will be back ready to welcome you as soon as we are allowed.
Until then keep safe - wash your hands, wear a mask, keep your distance, be sensible and act responsibly.
Iain Barr
Chief Executive Officer