Waterside Theatre
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Robbie O & Julia - Shakespeare with a Derry Twist
Waterside Theatre

26th June 2019

This event is free to attend. Please contact A.J. on 02871314000 or email aj@watersidetheatre.com for more information.


Stars from the Waterside Theatre’s Music and Drama class have reinvented one of Shakespeare's greatest works through the use of music song and drama. They have worked closely with facilitators throughout the past year exploring various theatrical techniques.

This lively and entertaining piece is both a joy for the group to perform and an audience to experience. 

This project is part of the Waterside Theatre’s Arts and Disability Education programmes. The project was funded through the Halifax Foundation Small Grants and in partnership with the Playtrail. For more information please contact A.J. on 02871314000 or email aj@watersidetheatre.com