Waterside Theatre
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Lennon RetrospectiveJohn Lennon UK
Waterside Theatre

17th May 2019

£18.50, £64 Family of 4 (2+2) Contact box office for family deal


Singer, songwriter, peace activist…legend. Co-founder of the Beatles, the most commercially successful

band in the history of music, John Lennon with partner, Paul McCartney, were quite simply the greatest

songwriting partnership of all time.


Fronted by Lennon look-and-sound-alike Gaz Keenan, this two-hour, fully-costumed show takes you on a

journey through John Lennon’s best loved songs, from his best-known solo work to the classic Lennon-

penned Beatles songs. John Lennon UK faithfully recreates Lennon’s soulful vocals, rugged and

passionate guitar playing, beautiful piano work, his always so cool look, mannerisms, accent and, of

course, his caustic wit!


"No-one can top Gaz who looks like Lennon in his early years" The Daily Express