Waterside Theatre
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Give Me Your LoveRidiculusmus
Waterside Theatre

7th October 2018

£12, £10 before 21 September (includes Development Donation)


Ex-soldier and budding rock star Zach has withdrawn into a cardboard box in his kitchen. His friend Ieuan

arrives offering recovery in the form of a capsule with which he claims to have successfully treated his

own post-traumatic stress. What follows is a head-warping exchange on patriotism, conflict and

supermarket shopping that will tickle, move and appal you in equal measure.


Multi award-winning Ridiculusmus are back with a funny, fragile and profound fable based on ground

breaking medical research and real-life war testimonies about the use of MDMA (Ecstasy) in the

treatment of war veterans suffering post-traumatic stress.


Ridiculusmus at their best with their signature seriousness and silliness…the intensity of a war

zone with the fierceness of a dance floor.” The Stage


One of our most refreshingly provocative theatre companies” Time Out