Waterside Theatre
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Imperialism on Trial
Waterside Theatre

30th January 2018


Doors opening at 6.30pm for 7.00pm


The Realpolitik - Derry, welcomes everyone to this exceptional night of alternative global politics. All the guest speakers offer a unique insight into countries and regions of the world, who have recently
been victims of Western interventions; or, who are currently under threat of war and destablisation. They will also provide a detailed analysis of imperialism, neoliberalism and neo-colonialism; along with an extensive critique of the role of mainstream media.

Over the last sixteen years we have seen wars (dressed up as humanitarian interventions) destroy entire countries and destablise whole regions; creating hundreds of thousands of deaths; and a horrific refugee crisis. We live in very dangerous times and the prospect of any more of these wars, particularly with Iran or North Korea, has the real potential of turning into a world war.

When we examine the greatest threats to humanity- all roads lead back to the US Empire. These issues are not the interests of one community more than the other - A world war affects us all.

For the Prosecution (Speakers)

Eva Bartlett, Investigative Journalist

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos, Editor Politics First

Neil Clark, Journalist, Author, Broadcaster

Peter Ford, Former UK Ambassador to Syria

Professor Piers Robinson, Sheffield University

Vanessa Beely, Investigative Journalist

Hosted by Gregory Sharkey

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