Waterside Theatre
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The Assistant's RevengeCahoots NI
Waterside Theatre

8th October 2017

Adm £6.00, Family £20 (2+2)


A phone rings in the dead of night. Sam Sullivan, a small-time Private Eye hears a frightened voice on the end of the line…'someone's trying to kill me'.

The voice leads him to a strange travelling show at the edge of town where he meets Felix, an escapologist, and his assistants, Molly and Crystal, one of whom appears to have murder in mind. Sullivan is plunged into a world of danger and deceit and a case with more twists and turns than a ten-inch corkscrew. 

The Assistant's Revenge is a brand new theatrical production, for older children (7+) and adults, from multi-award-winning theatre company, Cahoots NI. Expect music, glamour, magic, death-defying escapology and even a little…murder!

Age 7+ / Duration 55mins