Waterside Theatre
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It's Wine O'Clock

29th September 2017

£12.00 including development donation



Tick Tock…It’s Wine O’Clock!

Vera, the farmer’s wife, is so excited her only son, Seamus, is getting married and you are cordially invited to watch the hilarious antics and commotion unfold on the special day. Come join the farmers, Pat and Eamon, the Bridesmaids from Belfast, the Yummy Mummies from the Ulster Tatler, the Grannies and of course Nuala and Noleen always looking for love.

This brand new laugh out loud, feel good tonic is brought to you by internet sensations Know It All With Nuala and Noleen. The Winebulance is coming to the Waterside Theatre, don’t miss it…Toot Toot!